Adlay Peres

One of our five highly qualified Chiropractors, Adlay Peres, graduated in 2003, after 4 years of studying at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. After graduating, he worked for two years in the Peterborough and Cambridge area, joining the Green Street Green practice in 2006. For the last 8 years he has been part of the experienced team working at both the Blackheath and Green Street Green practices.

Adlay decided to study Chiropractic after sustaining a back injury during sport. This gave him an insight into the discipline and inspired him to study and become a chiropractor. With the advances of technology, more is being learnt about the complexities and capabilities of the central nervous system and Adlay regularly attends seminars to update and increase his extensive knowledge.

Accurate diagnosis

When a new patient attends the practice, the initial consultation involves Adlay taking a detailed case history and carrying out a thorough examination. In some cases, imaging tests are required, to accurately diagnose conditions.

All digital x-rays are carried out on site. When all the information is collated, a personal and tailored treatment plan is put in place, to meet the specific needs of Adlay’s patient.

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Areas of Expertise

Adlay 3Adlay attends regular seminars to keep his knowledge and skills up to date. He regularly attends seminars held at ‘In Health’ in Waterloo. In Health is local imaging centre which the clinic uses to refer for MRI scans and diagnostic ultrasound.

The seminars held there are presented by consultants in their respective fields. Recent topics have included ‘Shoulders’, ‘Imaging and Treating the Painful Shoulder’, ‘The lumbar Disc’ and ‘MSK (Musculoskeletal) MRI – bone oedema’. Adlay also has an interest in paediatrics and the pregnant patient, he attended the Scottish Chiropractic Association Spring General Meeting earlier this year off which he is a member.

Whilst there he participated in a paediatric seminar titled ‘Clinical Examination of the Neonate & Review of Common Conditions seen in Practice’.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is not limited just to the resolution of pain relief. It can extend to rehabilitation, preventative and maintenance care. Adlay’s goals and objectives for his patients are:

• To decrease their pain
• Increase their function and movement
• Maintain their levels of mobility and keep them pain free

Adlay’s passion for the profession of chiropractic and his enthusiasm to share and gain knowledge through seminars, which make a difference to his patients’ lives, means he has built an excellent reputation within both the practices.

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