Back Pain in Sport


Professional sportsmen have incorporated Chiropractic into their preparation for performance and prevention reasons for decades now. The same logic should apply to any of us aiming to stay fit and healthy.

Here at the Chiropractic Health Centres many of our patients do go to the gym and throw themselves in heavy impact classes in order to lose weight. Some start running with the marathon in mind, for a noble cause. Some will start golf when they retire.

Chiropractic in Golf

No one will encourage them more than the team here at Chiropractic Health Centres, as we are all great sports fans. But with a healthy logic in mind, we warn you that pushing your body with an uneven spine is not best practice.

Below we have listed 2 examples of how Chiropractic can help ease back pain in sport.

Chiropractic in Golf

When you watch the top golf pros set up to hit a shot, you will notice how deliberate they are in putting their bodies in the correct position. This is related to two equally important reasons. Firstly, to allow the body to move correctly, in order to execute the perfect shot. Secondly, as a means of injury prevention. Although there are many people out there that think that golf is not really a sport, the fact is that the golf swing is a very dynamic action that puts a significant amount of strain on the body. If the body is not warmed up and ready, or not positioned correctly, then that strain will become too much, and injury will ensue.

The majority of back pain in golfers comes from incorrect posture at the set up position. I see so many golfers slouching over the ball, spine all bent out of shape. Then they try to twist their bodies back as far as possible, in an attempt to deliver a Rory McIlroy like downswing. Sadly, this rarely results in a 350 yard drive, but a lost ball, a pain killer prescription and a trip to the Chiropractor. The bottom line is perfect posture equals pain free play.

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Of course from the chiropractic point of view, if you try to hit a golf ball with regularity and consistency with a misaligned pelvis and a twisted neck and shoulder, you will fail. The secret of golf is perfect swing, we all agree, and there is no good swing performed by a poorly adjusted spine.

That’s the reason why golf professionals are tuned up by chiropractors very regularly. They leave no space for doubts in their body abilities. That’s obviously the way to think about your spine, yes you will prevent some injuries but you also will improve your consistency.

A pro and some chiropractic will make your handicap drop!!

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Sports Massage

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Whether you are an elite athlete, occasional gym user or you enjoy a round of golf you should be incorporating sports massage as part of your training routine.

Too many people wait until they have muscular aches and pains before they consider a sports massage but to keep your body in good working order you should be using sports massage for body maintenance which will minimise the likelihood of injury as well as improving your sporting performance. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Sports massage is a very firm, very focused massage, specifically designed to reduce muscular tension, address minor injuries and ease deep muscular pain and discomfort, all of which will lead to improved sports performance.

Massage has a number of benefits.  As well as being useful maintenance it can also be used as part of your rehabilitation from an injury.  It can assist in restoring mobility to injured muscles as well as reducing stress, tight muscles and pain.  Sports massage will help alleviate the stress and tension that builds up in the body’s soft tissues.

It can break down scar tissue.  Scar tissue is formed as a result of previous injury or trauma.  This can lead to inflexibility and discomfort within the muscle.  Sports massage will assist in restoring the flexibility and full range of motion.

Massage can stretch the massage tissue that cannot be stretched by your usual method.  With massage the muscle can be stretched cross-fibre as well as longitudinally.  Sports massage can also stretch the fascia that surrounds the muscle, so releasing any tension or pressure that has built up from excessive use.

A knowledgeable sports massage therapist will focus on a particular muscle group and surrounding tissues associated with the injury using a combination of techniques.  They should bring together a blend of knowledge and advice during treatment to help the patient to a position where they are no longer experiencing discomfort or limited range of movement.

Elite Sports Massage will provide the patient with a programme of stretches and exercises to assist with their treatment and to correct any muscular imbalances.

Be healthier for longer

As a great believer that your nervous system is able to maintain our health optimal as long as we give it a chance, our chiropractic team is always promoting exercise. But nothing is more stressful for us than observing someone’s very asymmetrical swim, run, swing or weightlifting technique.

When you start your sport, make sure you think not only of losing weight but also your technique, that way you will be healthier for longer.

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The only way to stabilise your back is to get it strong, flexible and balanced. Without exercise, you will not reach optimum health.

At the Chiropractic Health Centre, our experience in practise is a great asset in choosing the best possible support for our patients.

Therefore, as many of our patients play golf and most of them should question the need of a personal trainer, we are delighted to introduce Simon and Jon, whom you may get advice from.

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We are strong believers that everyone has hold of an element of the truth with back pain – we are constantly evolving and learning and sharing. We have a philosophy of open-mindedness which allows us refer to the right person for the benefit of the patient and as a result, we have a complementary team who work extremely well together and in relation to back pain in sport, we recommend the following 2 specialists:

Contact Elite Sports Massage for Sports Massage in London and Kent

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If you are looking to reduce your handicap, then do contact Jon Bird at Cannon Golf for golf lessons in South-East London

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