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Five Ways To Avoid Back Pain At Work

It’s been estimated that the average office worker spends 1,700 hours a year at a computer. That’s over 70 days spent sitting at our desk. It’s no surprise, then, that our increasingly sedentary lifestyles are having an effect on our spine. Whether it’s temporary back pain, chronic tension or general discomfort, we’re here to help.…

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Chiropractic and Sports

Do you feel your physical performance is being compromised by a sore neck, bad back, or painful shoulder? Do you want to prevent sports-related injuries? Are you looking for ways to optimise your performance?

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History of Chiropractic

The first chiropractic adjustment was in September 1895 by David Daniel Palmer on a man named Harvey Lillard, who had partially lost his hearing 17 years prior. After noticing an abnormality in his vertebrae Palmer adjusted his upper back, and his hearing…

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