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Did you know? A human being has an estimated 15 billion nerve cells sending and receiving messages through the spinal cord.

This incredible video is well worth watching, it will help you to better understand Chiropractic and how the central nervous system really works.
Here at Chiropractic Health Centres, we offer spine checks using state-of-the-art technology.

So, having watched the video and hopefully now having a better understanding of how Chiropractic works, please get in touch.

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Our Team of Chiropractors

Our Chiropractors are highly qualified and have over 56 years’ combined experience.
The partnership consists of Jean-Baptiste Garrone and Sophie Gremion-Garrone, each having their own area of specialisation and expertise. The practices have welcomed over 10,000 patients since our doors first opened. We consistently deliver standards of excellence, and our first class reputation within the community means many of our referrals come directly from General Practitioners and personal recommendation.

“My name is Clare Elms and I am a runner. I hold age group UK records on the track and win many races! I push my body hard and need lots of help keeping on top of niggles and injuries. Seeing a chiropractor has helped me do this, as well as finding out and correcting imbalances that may affect my performance. My appointments are vital, and certainly contribute to my success.” Clare E. Triathlon World Champion 2013.

Jean-Baptiste Garrone
D.C. Chiropractor

Sophie Garrone
D.C. Chiropractor

Charlotte Parsley

Free Health Reports


Click the link below to download your complimentary health reports. The collection consists of many research reports, some of which are condition focused but all are extremely interesting to read and simple to understand.


Chiropractic Health Centres have 2 clinics, one based in Lee, Blackheath and one in Green St Green, Orpington.

We are passionate about learning new methods, progressively investing in chiropractic care keeping us fresh and current. We employ a variety of treatment methods and continually ensure that we are abreast of latest techniques and are quite unique in that we look to combine these with traditional techniques so we can provide the best care possible.

Should you require a Chiropractor in Blackheath or Orpington, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8463 0607
or 01689 889 492

Paediatric Chiropractic


Paediatric Chiropractic can be a great help and support during pregnancy with all the changes that your body is going through.

A balanced pelvis, a more mobile pelvis and a less strained back will help towards a much more comfortable delivery. We see expectant mothers on an almost basis and have many, many years of experience in Paediatric Chiropractic.

Please contact the team here at either our Blackheath Clinic or our Orpington Clinic and come and see how we can help you through you pregnancy. Call today on 020 8463 0607 or 01689 889 492

Are you suffering from migraines?


Watch this video to find out how we at Chiropractic Health Centres have helped one of our patients who has been suffering from debilitating migraines.

Over 20% of headaches are classified as cervicogenic headaches, which is a tension type pain felt in the head but the cause of the pain is actually from elsewhere, usually the neck.
See how visiting a chiropractor can help ease the symptoms of migraine and headache without the need of medication. Call today on 020 8463 0607 or 01689 889 492

Why we at Chiropractic Health Centres use X-rays?


Why we at Chiropractic Health Centres use X-rays to make sure we provide an accurate diagnosis.

It is very common for patients to come to us having had lots of therapies and still not have a diagnosis of what is causing their pain.  X-rays give Chiropractors the opportunity to pin point the exact location of where to act and also enables us to give advice regarding how much improvement is realistic and which stretching exercises and muscular work will benefit them the most.

If you suffer from persistent pain and are not seeing results with your current treatment, please call us here at either our Blackheath Clinic or our Orpington Clinic to find out more about how a Chiropractic X Ray may help to highlight the problem. Call today on  or .

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What are the benefits of seeing a chiropractor?

Chiropractic has developed over the years, with the strong belief that the natural healing power of the body and interferences of the nerve impulses at the spinal levels can affect the body’s natural ability to function to perfection. Every part of your body, from cells, tissues and your immune system, depends on the correct functioning of your nervous system.

We have welcomed over 10,000 patients since our doors first opened and this page is here to share our knowledge and experience with you and to help you understand some of the benefits of visiting a chiropractor, no matter where you are in the world.

We hope that we've inspired you to take the next step

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