Do you feel your physical performance is being compromised by a sore neck, bad back, or painful shoulder?
Do you want to prevent sports-related injuries?
Are you looking for ways to optimise your performance?

The benefits of regular movement on our health and wellbeing have established physical exercise as key to living a long and happy life. However, we are often focused on exercise as a means of losing weight, improving fitness levels, or as a way of making friends, but overlook the impact these stresses can have on our bodies.

Sports-related joint pain is often related to inflammation caused by the increased stress imposed on your body. If this stress is regular and continuous, the inflammation becomes chronic and reduces the joint’s range of motion. The surrounding muscles will need to compensate for this, leading to pain and stiffness which can impact your physical performance.

Chiropractic adjustments work specifically on these joints, ensuring inflammation remains minimal and helping to alleviate any long-term impact on physical performance.

Benefits of chiropractic adjustments on those who undertake physical activity or sports, both recreationally or professionally, include:

  • Minimising complications caused by stress and physical exertion on the body
    Particularly if performed in misalignment. For example, reduced mobility in the hip when running will have secondary effects on the spine, knee, and ankle which can quickly become chronic if not corrected
  • Alleviating joint pain after injury
    By realigning your joints, regaining full range of motion and reducing the strain placed on surrounding joints and muscles as a consequence
  • Keeping performance optimal
    By ensuring all your joints are aligned and therefore working as efficiently as possible, i.e. providing stability and absorbing increased shock
  • Ensuring movement is optimal and there is no compensation from other joints or muscles which may eventually cause injury, pain, or strain
    By analysing musculoskeletal structural symmetry e.g. in static and dynamic posture or gait, to make sure exercise is being performed under optimal alignment
  • Maintaining aligned joints to allow for an undisturbed and efficient nervous system, benefitting your performance both in and out of sports

Our top tips:

  • Remember to warm up and cool down sufficiently before and after undertaking exercise or sports
  • Don’t underestimate the power of stretching – ensure full mobility and range of motion is available at every joint
  • Build up a strong core to help support the body during exercise (especially after injury, as your muscles will be weaker and so have a higher risk of getting re-injured)
  • If an exercise feels too strenuous on the body, causing you to lose form, either lower the load or try an alternative exercise better suited to you – seeking the help of a professional to create a plan tailored to your individual level of fitness, abilities and goals can be helpful if you are feeling overwhelmed and need some guidance or structure

If you are repeatedly experiencing joint pain as a consequence of sports and exercise, come and book an initial consultation to create a bespoke treatment plan for you by contacting our clinics

Keep moving your body, exercising, or doing sports – just ensure you’re taking care of your body afterwards!

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