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Acupuncture is a deceptively simple form of holistic treatment.

Involving the insertion of fine needles into acupuncture points found and located along meridians in the body. The human body is hugely complex both physically and psychologically. Chinese Medicine allows the acupuncturist to take into account all of the contributory factors that may create disharmony within.

The original theory behind acupuncture treatment is that the healthy functions of the body is governed by the flow of ‘QI’ pronounced ‘chee’ through a system of channels under the skin called meridians.

When or if this flow of qi is impaired/blocked, illness can occur. The flow of qi can be disrupted in many ways, for example, poor diet, emotional upset, physical trauma, constant overwork, excessive worry and stress.

These blockages in the qi can then manifest in the body as pain, feeling too hot/cold, colour changes in the skin, emotional upset, Headaches/migraines, digestive complaints, insomnia and general aches and pains

These signs alongside a tongue and pulse diagnosis can help determine which points and channels may require treatment. Acupuncture treatments use fine sterile needles that are inserted into the points along the meridians and can also include cupping, acupressure/moxibustion and massage.

A detailed medical consultation will be taken to identify the causes of any disharmony or imbalances that maybe affecting your health.

Then a view of the tongue and a wrist pulse diagnosis will be completed. Then the practitioner will discuss the treatment plan with you.



Lisa Lewis

Lisa’s background is working on the trading floor in a very highly stressful environment. Eventually after 10 years this led to office-based work, once the financial markets closed their live trading pits and turned to online screen trading.

This environment led Lisa to gain an interest in how stress of any kind be it, work, long hours, mental fatigue, poor posture and emotional stress can affect the body. This can then lead to many dysfunctions within the body and can lead to many disruptions within our equilibrium.

Lisa qualified in, Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage in 1998, followed by Aromatherapy and Sports Massage in 2001. Reflexology and Indian Head Massage followed in 2002 and finally Lisa studied for a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cupping qualifying in 2007 with a BSc.

Complementary Therapy is not just for stress, sports injuries or poor posture. Regular treatments are preventative and can allow your body, mind and spirit to be much calmer enabling us to cope with our daily lives and needs in a more balanced way.

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