What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise that aims to strengthen your body by working your deep, core muscles – those that are key to maintaining good posture, balance, stability and safe joint function. These muscles are targeted by focusing on sustaining an aligned skeletal posture whilst moving. Evenly combining strength with flexibility, Pilates is effective in promoting healthy bones, an improved posture, and lean muscle.

Pilates is an opportunity to be kind to your mind and body, focusing on functional breathing to reduce tension, facilitate movement, aid relaxation and improve focus. If you are often in discomfort or pain as part of your daily life, Pilates can provide a means of regaining strength, reconnecting with your body, and alleviating this discomfort.



Who can benefit from Pilates?

Pilates can be beneficial to everybody, and it is often recommended by medical specialists.

It is a great way to look after your body if you are:

  • Experiencing aches and pains
  • Stressed
  • Recovering from injury
  • An athlete
  • Looking for an easy way to be fit and active

Lucy tailors her lessons based on her individual clients’ ability and goals.


Lucy Swann

Lucy first discovered Pilates during dance training as a way to unwind and look after her body. As her love for Pilates grew, she began her Pilates teacher training with Body Control Pilates in 2015 and qualified as a Level 3 Pilates Instructor – the UK Pilates industry national standard. Lucy strongly believes that Pilates can help improve many physical ailments as well as provide a means to refresh our mental health.

“I love what I do because I believe that in a world where we are so sedentary, moving and breathing well can have a huge impact on our lives.”

Lucy enjoys learning, exploring and deepening her knowledge through regular further training.



Sessions have a strong focus on core strength and posture, with an emphasis on learning movement patterns that are designed to give you a whole-body balanced workout.

Lucy provides individual and duet lessons at our Blackheath clinic only. For more information on Pilates or to book an appointment, please call 0208 463 0607 or email .