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Feedback from our patients who have experienced our adjustments first-hand may help you to decide whether chiropractic is appropriate for you. If you have any questions or want to book an appointment, please contact us.


From the moment you walk into the Chiropractic Health Centres you begin to feel better – all the receptionists are kind, welcoming and show their concern for you as an individual. The chiropractors are skilful, encouraging professionals who have helped me enormously. I have always come away with the knowledge that I have been very well cared for, by people who have my best interests at heart.


Chiropractic keeps me moving! I have been having chiropractic treatments for more than fifteen years, before that I was in constant pain, and all my GP was suggesting was pain medication, but that was not a cure. I looked for an alternative and found chiropractic. What a relief! I sometimes wonder where I would be without it. I have regular monthly treatments to keep me on top of things, but the constant pain is a thing of the past.

Clare – AW Best British Masters Athlete 2019

My name is Clare Elms and I am a runner. I hold age group UK records on the track and win many races! I push my body hard and need lots of help keeping on top of niggles and injuries. Seeing a Chiropractor has helped me do this, as well as finding out and correcting imbalances that may affect my performance. My appointments are vital, and certainly contribute to my success.


I’ve had chronic back pain for over 2 decades and have seen many health professionals, both here and in Australia, and in my experience there are few like JB Garrone at the Chiropractic Health Centres. He is extremely knowledgeable, talented, and interested in only providing the very best treatment and service. His fingers are magical and I would be lost without him because he keeps my spine moving and has reduced my pain to a manageable level. In fact, I often say he keeps me upright. I trust him implicitly and I cannot recommend JB enough. Do yourself a favour, book an appointment.


We are a ‘chiropractic family’ who all go to the Chiropractic Health Centres for our maintenance care. The two girls have been going for spinal check-ups since they were a few months old, to ensure healthy development of their spines and general well-being.

Consultant Neurosurgeon – London Bridge Hospital

I have worked over a number of years with DC Garrone in that I have shared patients with him. He has always had positive commendation from his patients, and I am happy to provide his reference.


After suffering with chronic migraines ever since my teenage years, my usual routine was at least 1 day a week being completely incapacitated due to the dizzy headache and sickness symptoms brought on by a migraine. I had seen a doctor who treated the problem with Amitriptyline (a mild anti-depressant!) and Sumatriptan which works to ease the migraine, however if used on a regular basis has serious long-term effects and has even been linked to dementia!!
So, I decided to try something different, and I am so glad I did. I was recommended to JB by my husband, who has seen his video online, and booked an appointment immediately. JB initially assessed my spine and could almost instantly ‘feel’ where the problem was. JB recommended that I had an X-ray to see exactly where the problems were, and that’s when JB confirmed all my headaches were stemming from my neck and spine, and now I had the X-ray to prove it!
We spoke about my lifestyle and diet, and how making a few small changes could also help my situation. JB then made some minor (pain free) adjustments to my spine and that’s it!! The change was apparent straight away – I sleep better, have more energy and I now attend regular sessions with JB and have noticed a 90% reduction in my migraines.
JB and his team commit to treating the source of the problem therefore removing the need to constantly take pain killers. For me, JB’s chiropractic treatments are now an irreplaceable part of my lifestyle. I am extremely thankful to him and look forward to every session as I know that it’s his techniques that are keeping me pain free, and would categorically recommend him and his Chiropractic Health Centre’s to anyone who is suffering from an ailment and relying on long-term painkillers.


Some years ago, serious neck and back problems were causing terrible pain, I was unable to work and normal life was impossible. A friend recommended chiropractic treatment and after a while the problems were resolved. Now just periodic treatments keep me virtually pain free and have given me my life back…I am eternally grateful to Sophie and for that recommendation.


Sophie Garrone is an excellent Chiropractor, very understanding and a good listener. The Chiropractic Health Centre is an excellent place to go.


I have been going to see Sophie for several years, when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the hip and spine. I was still more than happy for her to treat my back. She has a very gentle and sensitive approach. For some time, I have been on ‘maintenance’ and she keeps my spine aligned. She has also suggested an easy remedy which I have adopted for a troublesome hip, this too, is effective. I feel I have a great deal to be grateful to Sophie for!


In 1998 I was injured and lost my job in the Police Service with a spinal injury, as a result of being assaulted on duty. I was told by the Chief Surgeon for Metropolitan Police that my injury would get worse with age. The pain did get so bad I went to Sophie at the Chiropractic clinic about 18 months ago, and she would relieve the pain from the pressure on my spine and I would feel better for a few weeks. In fact, I went every month for corrective treatment to my spine. During this treatment, Sophie suggested I get an up-to-date X-ray of my spine, which was done at her clinic. It transpired that my spinal injury had made me walk differently, and as a result my left hip had worn out. I am shortly going to have a new left hip operation and I am convinced, and so is Sophie, that this will give me a better quality of life with less pain. I would never have come to this conclusion without the help of Sophie and her chiropractic sessions. I am indebted to this very pleasant and understanding lady who has helped give me a better quality of life, in fact as a result my wife and both sons now attend for regular spinal checks with the clinic.

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